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The very Essence of the Balaton Spa Collection is the Revitalising and Purifying Moor Water. Crammed packed full of 100s of Natural Ingredients, and sourced from Therapeutic Lowland Moors situated by the tranquil shores of Lake Balaton in Hungary.

It has taken Nature 20,000 years to prepare this Nutrient and Botanical rich Natural source, resulting in the finest Unisex range of Spa Products for Face and Bodycare- The Balaton Spa Collection.

Revitalising and Purifying Moor Water


To date you will only find Therapeutic lowland Moorland Areas in Europe. They are extremely rare and only occur when various geological and biological factors have coincided to create perfect conditions.

These Moorland  Areas are called Pelloids and have been formed over the course of some 20,000 years, through the decomposition of 100s of Herbs, Plants, Grasses and Flowers, as well as Organic Substances, Vitamins, Trace Elements and Minerals. As they have never dried out, their therapeutic values have remained in tact.

Products based on this unique substance were first introduced to the UK in 1967. With this wealth of experience, Balaton Spa have now evolved to launch the Ultimate range of Spa Products for Face and Body - The Balaton Spa Collection, a fusion of Italian Style and Flair, blended with Centuries of European Spa Culture.

Probably the most Natural and Effective Spa products you will ever use.

Balaton Spa have based their Spa Collection on unique Therapeutic Lowland Moor and Moor Water, and in some cases that's all the products contain as in The Face Mask, The Bath Liquid, The Body Scrub, The Hair Mask and The Herbal Drink.

The Moor Water is the main ingredient in the Facial Creams and Bodycare products, blended and complimented with the finest Natural Ingredients such as White Water Lily, Camomile, Shea Butter, Lemon Grass, Lavender and Rose Oils.

Enjoy the difference of products so natural, that Science doesn't even come close to duplicating their extraordinary effects!

Products from the Earth- but will never cost it.

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