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Trinny, Susannah & Newsreaders ~ Look Good Naked ~ Getting Dirty

What is it that’s won the praise of celebrity TV style gurus Trinny and Susannah, and Channel 4’s Gok Wan, of How to Look Good Naked? Men and women alike love it and it’s not only stylists who have enjoyed the experience. TV presenter Jeff Moody and BBC newsreader Sophie Raworth have also endorsed it. And ITV1’s Tycoon and 60 Minute Makeover are eager to feature it. In fact it’s an, ‘all channel’ winner.

Trinny and Susannah say, “This is the only one to use”. Gok Wan thinks it’s, “..fabulous.” Sophie Raworth says, “I love it,” and Jeff Moody found it, “…just as good on as off.”

It’s gained the approval from all the right people. So what is it? Well time is an important element. The old adage that something good is worth waiting for is spot on. Though it makes waiting for a pint of Guinness seem positively hyper-speed in comparison.

So here’s the story. By the beautiful ancient shores of Lake Balaton in Hungary, is one of the world’s last remaining therapeutic moorland areas. Bringing a small part of this tranquil lake to our hectic modern world is the Balaton Spa skincare collection. These areas are extremely rare and only occur when specific geological and biological factors have coincided to create the perfect conditions. This nutrient rich moorland peat and moorland water is solely made up of hundreds of herbs, plants, organic substances, trace elements and minerals, which have remained active because they have never dried out since they were formed 20,000 years ago. This unique gift from nature is the secret and main ingredient of the Balaton Spa organic collection and contains 331 natural ingredients.

Trinny and Susannah were enamoured with the Balaton Spa face-mask: "The Balaton Spa products are delicious, and we love the 100% natural face mask - it's amazing and brilliant!" Sophie Raworth loved the smoothness of her skin, after applying the mask and Jeff Moody, thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience: “The moor bath liquid was really relaxing and the face mask felt great on and after being removed.” Gok Wan agrees: “This is a fabulous mask to improve the skin.” And Lucy Govern who was seen having the Balaton Spa treatment on Gok’s current series says: “My skin has dramatically improved.”

This rare ancient health secret, which comes straight from the earth, enriches all skin types, is chemical free and there’s no unpleasant smell, mess or fuss. The products are unisex, organic and skin-friendly - no rashes from unknown substances in this lot. Moor Water is the main ingredient in the facial creams and bodycare products, blended and complimented with nature's best - white water lily, camomile, shea butter, lemongrass, lavender and rose oils.

It’s this season’s TV ‘must have’ makeover product and it’s going to be a seasonal trend that’s here to stay!

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